Parkland County Library Board


The Parkland County Library Board exists to promote and provide, through regional partnerships, effective, affordable and accessible library services to the residents of Parkland County by actively responding to community needs.


The Libraries under the jurisdiction of the Parkland County Library Board will provide resources in print, non-print, electronic reference resources that cover a wide array of topics. The libraries will provide staff that is skilled in helping all library customers.

Board Members

Sarah Leteta (Chair)
Vicki Leder (Vice Chair)
Cheryl Budzinski (Treasurer)
Rob Wiedeman (Councillor)
Sally Kucher Johnson (Councillor)
Sharon Cornelius
Helen Lomas


Parkland County Library Board serves to manage, regulate, and ensure access to and funding for municipal library services provided by the other area municipal libraries and/or outlets within Parkland County which will benefit all Parkland County residents.

Meeting Schedule

The Parkland County Library Board meetings are open to the public. The meetings are generally held the third Monday of every month via an online video platform or at one of the five Parkland County Libraries. 

  1. 2021 Meeting Minutes
  2. 2022 Meeting Minutes

Plan of Service